Chronotrains is an interactive Europe rail map that allows you to see how far you can travel by train in up to 8 hours. It displays isochrones, which are areas that are reachable from a starting point in a given amount of time. The map is easy to use: simply hover over your starting city with your mouse, and the map will reveal the destinations that are reacheable by train. The duration of the journey takes into account not only the time spent on the train, but also the time spent on connections between trains.

This map is based on estimated travel times, using data from the Deutsche Bahn through Direkt Bahn Guru. Actual timetables may vary.

Chronotrains is a side-project by Benjamin Tran Dinh and Sarah Mamy

Reach out by email at ben@chronotrains.com.

Find us on Instagram @chronotrains.

See the old visualization at old.chronotrains.com.